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Flatbed Envelope Printer Available for Licensing and Manufacturing

Princeton, NJ.  April 2018 - Inventor Paul Onish has recently been awarded a United States Patent #9,747,531 for the unique design of a Gravity fed, Flatbed Envelope Printer that fits on a desk.  It is affordable, it saves time, money and office staff, resulting in increased efficiency.  

This new printer is distinguished by its key features. 

· It solves a real-world problem for end users and the SMB & SOHO market as well as organizations that need to mail out volumes of letters and brochures.

Its low cost and hi-speed capabilities enables it to preform like printers costing many times as much.

· It holds 250 envelopes (#10 and various European sizes) in the rear cartridge tray.

· The printer can be turned sideways to accommodate larger manila envelopes. (e.g., 10” by 14”) with the optional larger supply tray.

· It eliminates the need for the user to swap-out copy paper and insert envelopes as needed to print - then return paper to continue document printing in a standard printer.

· It prints on standard copy paper from 20LB up to 200LB as well as small (6” x 2-3/4“) personal checks,       3"x 5" index cards, or other STIFF documents (because the paper needs not bend).

· The standalone Flatbed Envelope printer engine can be manufactured with either an Inkjet or Laser engine and will print:

· The WHOLE ENVELOPE including the USPS Postal Bar-code and Stamp* at one time

· The timings for each # 10 envelope is 2 seconds.

· Without crushing, crunching or crumbling the paper.

· The Flatbed document printer is: 

Wi-Fi enabled and can operate using standard USB 2 or USB 3.  It can be  made available with a low voltage power supply. 

* Compatible with Stamps.Com software.

Paul Onish is a graduate of NYIT with a BSEE, in Computer Science and Technology and has been designing printers, computer peripheral equipment and software for years.  He is the sole owner of the intellectual patent and is offering it for licensing and manufacturing.  If any help is needed for design or modification, Paul will be available.  In his own words, here’s how he came to develop this useful printer: 

“I am a pretty typical SMB owner.  We were mailing out customized information to our clients and adding multiple merged data documents into an envelop every month.  We were using a standard laser printer with no envelope feeder.  (25 at a time)

“We had to insert a pile of white printer paper, print out client information, then remove the paper, adjust the guides to accommodate the envelope necessary, print the address on the envelop and remove it from the exit tray.  Then paste a USPS Stamp in the top right hand corner of the envelope." 

“We still weren't done with this chore.  Then re-open the paper tray and re-adjust the guides to accommodate the plain paper again, close the tray back into the printer and print the next set of merged data documents for the next client." 

“Whew!  And we had to repeat this process for 100+ names ... and again each month for our mailings.  It sure wasn’t efficient and it made getting out a small mailing a lengthy and complicated project.  I did look at the big postal printer companies but to avail.  They were charging thousands for their solution." 


“This happened every month until I had an idea to develop a printer that would hold several hundred multiple sized envelopes in a rear-adjustable cartridge tray.  I designed the "Envelope Printer" to solve this problem — and the problem that many other small and medium sized companies have been facing for years." 

“We started with the #10 USA format and designed the guides and floating head mechanism to accommodate various sizes and smaller documents like personal checks and larger ones such as Manila envelopes (for brochures) that measured 10” x 14”."

Leading software companies and the USPS confirmed software could print a stamp on this envelope while it prints the other pertinent address information.  

"The result is a fully printed #10 envelope in about two seconds, neatly stacked in the outbound exit tray in front of the printer.  No address labels needed, no return labels needed and it’s not necessary to manually stick a stamp in the upper right-hand corner, thus ELIMINATING Postage meters.  A big problem solved!”

This is true for the North American market (including the SMB, and SOHO segments) as well as on ALL continents, with or without stamping.  As long as they have software that can print on envelopes, and there is software to print a stamp.  This intellectually patented product has the ability to print an envelope faster, cheaper and without labels or imperfections and eliminate postage machines.

The patented Envelope Printer design is now available for license consideration by any manufacturer, retailer or distributor that has a large base of SMB and SOHO customers and is interested in gaining more market share in the world.   It can be built affordably resulting in HIGH Margins and meets the needs of many global markets. 

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