In The Beginning

We started designing CRM programs

They were based on Caller ID in the 1980's. You knew who was calling before you picked up the phone.  Answer it or not... that was up to you.

Sold the technology to the companies that were building computers

This software was the beginning of knowing who was calling you while you were on the phone data would "pop-up" to show you the details of the caller from the internal DB in your system. Then you had the opportunity of seeing the most recent discussions about that client and how or if they were resolved before your picked up the call.

That lead to millions of copies sold

Not only did the RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) purchase it but major computer companies offered trial copies to their newly acquired clients as a phone book with auto dialing and note taking features. This led to the beginning of "Customer Relations Management" software. CRM in the 1990's.

Hardware and Software


Daisy Wheel Printers

For the Word Processing industry in the 1980's.  We helped to streamline the production line by and adding a personality board to the exterior of the standard product and reduce the time to manufacturer units thus doubling output.   Helped to re-engineer the  outer case, eliminating screws necessary to open and service the printer, thus cutting the MTTR by 1/3.

Demand Document Printers

Our group enhanced the 13 ply airline ticket printer to a single ply and enabled the entertainment ticketing industry, on Broadway to eliminate the need for the pigeon coupe methodology to PRINT and sell tickets on demand.  The results were thousands of Venues worldwide purchased these printers.  Major Car Rental companies used them as single ply agreements and trip directions.

Online Real-time Event Detection

Instead of waiting to mine data at the end of the month, we helped develop a Real-time event detection system that scored each web hit and presented results in a seconds.  This led to companies replying immediately to the needs of their prospects.  


Software for Insurance Companies

Enables sales people to gather information on site or online with a client, and print out their policy in less than 5 minutes using a Notebook or Tablet while connected to the WEB.

Interested in Licensing our Patented Technology

Send us an email or better yet, call us to discuss an OEM/Distribution program.  We are here to help you solve an issue that has been plaguing many end users and companies who need to print envelopes or other thick documents daily.