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More comments from potential users

From Toronto, Canada

Can it print graphics on the envelope?

Yes based on the fact that if the software in the computer. Can it can address the envelope as well.  Yes and print a USPS Postal Bar code and E-Stamp. 

ASCII Conference in Bethesda, MD

Over 200 principals from the Mid-Atlantic region were shown the envelope printer video and asked"Which distributor carries this printer?"

National Real Estate Conference

Realtors asked if the printer could print on Glossy  4 "x 6" photo post cards?  Yes  it can and put the Postal Bar code and USPS E-Stamp where it belongs.


There are over 22,000,000 million Small and Medium sized business in the USA that could use this type of Desktop, Flatbed, Gravity fed, Inkjet or Laser engine, envelope printer for their small office.  It's not an issue of needing one or two but where to buy one.   The Big Box office supply stores like the idea but manufacturers are not ready to embrace this product at this time.  We are not sure why they are waiting but we will help them in their final design, testing and release as soon as possible.  If you have a need call on them to build you one.

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Could it print on the overnight thick labels?  Yes it can.  Up to 200 pound.

Heavy Duty The Envelope Printer is now compatible with Stamps.Com!  

A doctors office with 10 physicians and staff sees over 100 patients per day and does billing in house to save a lot of billing issues.  They manually print the bills per client and put stamps on the envelope with a rented postage meter.  This printer could save them over 2 hours per day.  Times 5 days... it could have an ROI of 2 months.

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We just returned for the Toronto, Canada Printer Graphics conference and expo.  We met with over a dozen manufacturers and asked them a simple question.  "Do you offer a Desktop, Flatbed, Inkjet or laser  printer that can product 30 envelopes per minute with the address and USPS Postal Bar code and USPS E-Stamp for under $200.00?"    Their reply was NO.    We showed them the digital video on of our I.P. printer technology and they replied with, "Call me next week to discuss a licensing program."